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Verisite Photo Report

Verisite Photo Report

The Verisite line of products represents a new, more efficient way for lenders to get property inspection and collateral valuation data. Utilizing cutting edge mobile technology for to-the-moment property detail, combined with historical property data, Verisite provides lenders with current, comprehensive property inspections for faster decisions.
Available products are the Verisite Photo Report, the Verisite Collateral Data report, and the Verisite Plus report, which combines all Verisite products into a single report.
Verisite products can be used on loans and sub-loan products that don’t require full appraisals, such as home equity loans, disaster relief inspections, new construction progress evaluations, portfolio reviews, and more. Lenders can achieve super performance during the inspection process with Verisite.

Verisite Photo Report

The Verisite Photo Report allows you to get current interior and exterior site photos with descriptions and maps instantly. The Verisite Photo Report is perfect for use on loans and banking processes that don’t require full appraisals: you can pick and choose which pictures and descriptions you want, order them, then approve and generate the Verisite Photo Report. The result? An instant, current picture of the property. Combined with our Verisite app for smart phones that you can deliver to your borrower, appraiser, inspector, loan assistant, realtor, etc., you can instantly get all the property data you need to make better decisions.

The Verisite Collateral Data Report

The Verisite Collateral Data report provides a wealth of information condensed into a single report to efficiently direct and streamline workflow. Collateral Data condenses property data into risk scores so that lenders can get to know the property at a glance. It also presents lenders with an AVM value. With easy-to-apply scores and property values, potential risk can be quantified up front and lenders can dive into the details so that any follow up measures can be directed to the specific individuals, teams or departments equipped to handle needed investigation. This increases operational efficiency and lowers costs.

Verisite Plus

The best of both worlds. Verisite Plus combines the Verisite Photo Report and Verisite Collateral Data report into a single, complete, powerful property and market data and risk analysis report for driving faster decisioning on no-appraisal decisioning on no-appraisal loans. Verisite Plus utilizes the to-the-moment benefit of the Verisite Photo Report to provide the most current property detail available and joins it with the Collateral Data report to give lenders historical data from public public records and deed transfers, plus an AVM value. This provides a complete picture of the property. Also, lenders get the top 20 recently sold nearby properties starting from the date Verisite was ordered backward.