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Consumer Verification

Verification Services

Money Gold

Tax Return Verification 

As a Direct IRS Designee, SIR provides IRS Tax Return Transcripts.  Transcripts may be requested from last year’s return filings or for several years back if you choose.  We feature easy access via our technology platform.  IRS requires we provide an executed form 4506-t and you benefit from our direct IRS access with the quickest turnaround time available.  Use this valuable product to verify income details or validate other income documents. Our solution includes electronic signatures which includes the required certificate of completion.

SSN Gold

Social Security Verification

SIR offers verification directly with the Social Security Administration through the Consent Based Social Security Number Verification Service (CBSV).  This service requires the prior written consent of the SSN holder, and can be used to verify whether an individual’s name and Social Security number combination are a match with SSA records.  CBSV verifications do not verify an individual’s identity, only that the number presented matches the specified name.

Employent Gold

Employment Verification

Through our many resources we offer an independent look up service to obtain contact data and then conduct a verification of borrower employment.   Income details may also be obtained upon client request.  Employment Verification Reports are fully compliant with mortgage lending guidelines and are dated within pre-closing time requirements.  We feature ease of access through our technology platform.

Deposit Gold

Verification of Deposit

SIR offers Verification of Depository Information.  Save processing time and let SIR process your VOD forms.  We feature ease of access through our technology platform and return the industry accepted “VOD” Form completed with all asset details.   SIR also features automated asset verifications through online verification. This form of VOD features online real time asset verification that reduces the risk of fraud and eliminates the need for borrower supplied statements.