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Strategic Information Resources is Proud to Announce the “Man on the Street” Consumer Credit Education Series with the National Consumer Reporting Agency

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Strategic Information Resources (SIR) is proud to announce that through our valued partnership with the National Consumer Reporting Association (NCRA), a new video series has been released to help educate consumers on credit and credit scoring. These “Man on the Street” videos were designed and produced to assist and educate consumers by answering the pressing questions regarding credit in a quick, easy to watch format.

“We feel very strongly that as good stewards of the credit reporting industry that educating consumers, especially young consumers, on credit literacy is of significant importance” stated Jackie Drziak, Vice President at SIR. “SIR has been influential in spear-heading this initiative, and we are so pleased to see the videos being released. We would love to see our clients, and even educators using them going forward.”

“There is so much information out there that isn’t being used by consumers,” expressed Maureen Devine, President of SIR. “For example, so many consumers that are eligible, do not obtain free copies of their credit reports annually. Our goal with this series was to share the knowledge that there are resources out there that can help in any situation.”

Topics covered in the video series include What is a Credit Report, What Information is on a Credit Report, How to Dispute Inaccuracies on Credit Reports, Improving Credit Scores and Protecting Oneself from Identity Theft.

SIR and the National Consumer Reporting Association will make educating consumers an ongoing priority with three additional videos to be released in 2018. These new videos will cover topics ranging from trended data to the Military Lending Act. The NCRA has plans to continue this series by making at least one video annually.

If you would like to watch a compilation of these Man on the Street videos please click here. We encourage you to share this video series and to use it whenever you may be conducting a home buyer seminar or have a need to deliver reliable, accurate consumer credit education.

We at SIR are proud participants in helping to make consumer credit education a priority. As always, if any of our readers have any questions regarding the Man on the Street credit education series or any matter concerning consumer credit, please feel free to contact us online, emailing [email protected] or by phone at 800.332.9479 x311.