• Strategic Information Resouces, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Credit Reporting Agency in Holyoke, MA
Loan Prequalification

Pre-Qualification Tools

In today’s competitive market, lenders need reliable tools to generate new leads and convert them into lending transactions quickly. SIRQual is a breakthrough new pre-qualification tool to help you do just that. This innovative technology allows potential borrowers checking rates, or simply visiting your website, to easily compare their personal credit information with your lending criteria to become prequalified for financing.

SIRQual provides lenders a simple-to-use, smart web page. Consumers interested in seeing if they qualify simply click a hyperlink to open your custom SIRQual page. Our system orders and delivers a single-bureau Experian™ credit report and posts a soft inquiry to the bureau so the consumer score will not be impacted. The disclosures that you normally would need to deliver (Risk Based Pricing notice, Adverse Action letter) are not required. This saves you the time and energy of having to disclose an offer of credit when the borrower doesn’t prequalify.

The SIRQual system automatically notifies your loan officers of the opportunity so they may respond accordingly. This is an ideal program to capture tech savvy consumers who prefer online interaction. SIRQual is a cost effective and efficient resource to increase your lending portfolio.