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Information, the lifeblood of any Marketing Promotion:

Targeting the right prospects at the right time, with the right offer ensures that you are maximizing your marketing profitability.   SIR’s prospect targeting tools help to streamline your marketing efforts to achieve the highest ROI.   With access to more than 235 million consumers in more than 113 million households, we have the targets you are looking for.
We have taken target marketing one step further by offering insights into the behavior of the market to affect an even greater success rate.    We know where to find the best buyers and customers and find them fast.   Through our online delivery tools we have access to the most comprehensive business and consumer names in the marketplace.  We empower you to field your marketing campaigns quickly and efficiently and to achieve the highest in success rates in the industry.
SIR offers a full suite of List Services.

Consumer Information

Consumer Demographic Database

Targets people by age, gender, income, marital status, presense of children, age 50 plus and dwelling type

Ethnic Insight

Identifies the ethnic origin, probable religion and language preferences of individuals

Families with Children

Includes age range, number of children, gender

Green Aware

A segmentation system based on environmentally-relevant measurements; targets behavorial greens, think greens, potential greens and true browns

Home Insight Connect

Determines household preferences towards telecommunications, entertainment and cable choices


Identifies targets by occupation, good indicator of lifestyle, interests and values

Summarized Credit Statistics

Characterizes the likely consumer credit activity in a neighborhood

Life Event Information

New Homeowners

targets most recent new homeowners in your market

New Movers

targets recently moved prospects

New Parents

targets expectant parents and families with newborns

Property and Mortgage Information

Equity Spenders

Identify homeowners who have recently closed on equity lines, loans or second mortgages

Property Database

Identifies all known homeowners in a given area

Mortgage Database

Targets homeowners most likely to respond to refinace or second lien opportunities

Segmentation Systems

Mosaic USA

Identifies consumer lifestyle segments by representative clusters such as Professional Urbanites, Mature America, American Great Outdoors and more

P$ycle Financial Markets

The newest evolution of financial segmentation identifies household-level lifestyle to predict consumer financial behavior

True Touch

A revolutionary modeling formula to improve contact strategies.  Suggests messages, offers and communication channels motivating your targets

Net Worth Model

Targets high-net worth market with actual, not forcasted information

Behavior Information

Behavior Bank

Boost results with self reported information on consumer interests, activities and lifestyle