• Strategic Information Resouces, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Credit Reporting Agency in Holyoke, MA

A recent Identity Fraud Survey by Javelin Strategy and Research revealed that there are more than 15.4 million victims of identity theft in the United States each year. In fact, identity fraud is the most common consumer complaint made to the FTC. Consumers are eager for services that will protect them from this type of crime.

That’s why SIR is enhancing the credit services we provide to you by including access to fully managed identity fraud solutions for your applicants who were subject to credit checks through SIR. This service enhancement separates SIR from our peers, and provides your company with the benefits of added consumer value and satisfaction.

The IdentityCare℠ Solution

If identity fraud is suspected for any reason, the applicant and joint applicant are provided access to a professional Identity Recovery Advocate who will perform an investigation to determine the extent of the problem and remediate fraudulent activity working under a Limited Power of Attorney authorization. The Identity Advocate will also work to expunge any wrongful records created by the fraud that may impact the consumer’s credit score or reputation in the future. The Identity Advocate manages the remediation process on behalf of the victim to resolve all types of financial and non-financial identity theft issues – at no cost, no matter how long it takes.


Since most consumers do not review their credit reports on a regular basis, many discover discrepancies at the point of loan application. These discrepancies could either be credit errors or identity fraud issues which could adversely affect the outcome of the application process. It is normally very difficult to determine up-front if these discrepancies are credit errors or identity fraud. Currently all discrepancies are referred to us at SIR and we handle the issues that we determine to be credit error. In the past, if we could not rule out the possibility of identity theft we referred your customer to the national credit reporting repository originating the suspicious data for complaint and resolution. This procedure was followed because Consumer Reporting Agencies, such as SIR are prohibited from handling resolution for cases of identity theft. This left the consumer alone to navigate the process, frequently resulting in your organization and the consumer facing possible issues such as:

  • Delay in credit approval
  • Potential denial of the loan or lease
  • Higher rates due to a damaged credit score
  • Dissatisfaction and potential brand damage from unhappy consumer
  • Lost revenue for your organization


SIR’s new IdentityCare enhanced services provide you and your customers with a comprehensive solution, allowing SIR to continue to resolve credit errors as well as provide an established complete identity fraud resolution solution to greatly enhance your customer’s experience.

  • Identity fraud issues dealt with timely, supporting approval of applications
  • Risk of relationship and revenue loss is mitigated
  • Consumer confidence is greatly enhanced during a period of emotional trauma
  • Credit errors and identity fraud recovery is professionally handled
  • Consumers pay an interest rate based on true credit risk

Benefit Access Term

For value, uniformity, and simplicity we provide access to the services for the applicant and joint applicant beginning on the date of the consumer report and ending 90 days thereafter, for any identity theft issue discovered during the benefits term. The applicant also has a 30-day grace period to report the event after the 90-day discovery period is over. The stolen identity event may have been pre-existing as long as the discovery did not occur prior to the effective date of coverage.

Process for a Covered Consumer to Access IdentityCare Benefits

It is very difficult for consumers to determine if discrepancies on credit reports are due to error or identity fraud. Any discrepancy is normally reported to SIR for resolution, and with IdentityCare, that process does not change. Once we at SIR go through the dispute vetting process and determine that a discrepancy was not an error but could be identity fraud, SIR will now direct the covered consumer to the IdentityCare Recovery Center to restore their good name and work to return their credit history to pre-fraud status. The consumer is assigned an Identity Recovery Advocate who will remediate and resolve the identity fraud to the consumer’s satisfaction.