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The Green Report Lending

The Green Report

The Green Report is a comprehensive list of government-backed and utility-funded incentives available to property owners when they construct, renovate or upgrade real property using energy-efficient, water-conserving and/or renewable products, materials or measures.

As consumers become more aware of the potential cost savings associated with energy-efficient upgrades and the government-sponsored financial incentives available to them, there is increasing demand for easy access to accessible information regarding green incentives.

SIR has partnered with IncentiFind, a dynamic new company that provides the nation’s largest database of green incentives available to property owners looking to greenify their homes. Through this partnership, we are now offering the Green Report- a summary of green incentives customized to the consumer based on their project’s location, scope of work and asset type.

How does The Green Report benefit property owners?

This report enables property owners to:

Save time from sifting through government documents and websites for information on available incentives.

Proceed with confidence in knowing that the information, maintained in one database, is complete, current and accurate, thus maximizing the cost savings on each project.

Easily process the information through the report’s easy to read format.


Can a property owner access The Green Report directly from this website?

Yes! SIR provides direct access to The Green Report for borrowers. Simply click GET STARTED below.

  • You will be prompted to create a quick profile. Creating a profile ensures your information is secured and confidential.
  • After creating your profile, you will be prompted to complete an online survey about your project.
  • Once you have completed the survey, you will immediately receive your SEARCH results from IncentiFind (which provide a general incentive offering in your project’s area).
  • IncentiFind’s platform will automatically walk you through how to obtain The Green Report, which further refines your general SEARCH results and provides a list of incentives specific to your project’s location, scope of work and asset type.

What is the cost of The Green Report?

Pricing is based on the potential cost savings that the borrower will receive if all eligible incentives are applied for and approved. Our goal is to charge a fee that will yield a 10X Return on Investment (ROI) in through funding from incentives.

Discounted fees are available based on order volume.

For more information, please call SIR at 800.332.9479, or email us at [email protected].


Samples of the Green Report can be found here:

Sample Green Report – Residential

Sample Green Report – Commercial


What is The Quick Summary?

The Quick Summary provides a high-level overview of incentives offered in a specific project’s geographic area. If the project includes any of the green practices or measures listed in the report, the property owner may be eligible for cost-saving incentive programs.

A sample of The Quick Summary can be found here:

Quick Summary Report Example

For a state-by-state guide of available incentives and green energy legislation at the state level, please refer to the following links:

New Jersey
New York