• Strategic Information Resouces, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Credit Reporting Agency in Holyoke, MA
NCRA Directors Award
NCRA Executive Director Terry Clemans (Left) and NCRA President Paul Wohkittel (Right) present SIR’s Maureen Devine with NCRA Director’s Award.

Showing passion and commitment to one’s trade is vital to succeed in any industry. For Maureen “Moe” Devine, this level of commitment comes in many ways, through her continual involvement in the organizations she serves.

For this reason, it wasn’t a difficult decision for Terry Clemans, Executive Director of the National Consumer Reporting Association, to select Devine as the recipient of the NCRA Director’s Award. “Moe shows an incredible balance in working for both the good of the consumer reporting industry through NCRA and also leading SIR,” says Clemans.

Maureen was recognized earlier this month as the 14th recipient of the award at the NCRA’s 26th annual Conference in Reno, NV.

According to Clemans, Devine has served and chaired many committees, task forces and special projects within the NCRA, as well as serving as the body’s president in 2014. She has also appeared in multiple episodes of the NCRA Man on the Street Credit Education Video Series.

Clemans also notes that this year, Devine was instrumental in finding a technology partner to build a custom platform to run NCRA’s new Compliance Services (NCRACS) division.  NCRACS will be a centralized national vetting center to assist the consumer reporting industry in the vetting of third party technology providers used by the clients of consumer reporting agencies (lenders, property managers, employers).

Wearing multiple hats is what Devine does exceptionally well, and is something she is also very proud of. “I try not to complicate things, and focus on the bottom line. I tend to take myself out of the equation, and that allows me to focus on solutions for the business and consumers,” says Devine.

This this is the 2nd time Devine has been recognized for her dedication to the consumer reporting industry.  She was also recognized as the co-recipient of the NCRA’s President’s Award in 2012 at the 20th Anniversary conference in Tampa, FL.

Devine is currently serving her third term on the NCRA’s board of directors.