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Credit Score Enhancement Tools

Credit Score Enhancement Tools

Some applicants have credit scores that are artificially lower than they should be due to inaccurate information on their credit files. Our Score Enhancement Series of Products are designed to capture every opportunity and maximize your applicants’ credit potential.

This product line is offered to you as a tool to advise borrowers presently with scores below minimum requirements how they can target improvement.

– Credit Score Enhancement Products –


Credit Assure – Examines the credit report, and provides potential score improvement values that may come from the consumer paying down debt, transferring balances, or opening new accounts.


Credit Detective – This service automatically detects missing, outdated and potentially inaccurate information in a credit file. The tool estimates the correct value and potential score improvement if the update is performed, and provides suggestions on correcting these errors.


Credit Essentials –  Instantly analyze and optimize credit. Featuring consumer-friendly content and the most personalized insights available, Credit Essentials determines the best combinations of actions to take to maximize an applicant’s credit scores, so you know what to look for and what to do.


What-If-Simulator – This powerful predictive credit score simulator includes predefined scenarios for ease of use and custom scenarios for full flexibility. Use CreditXpert What-If Simulator to make informed decisions and uncover new opportunities.

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Score Review – An Expeditious Solution for Data Correction and Rescore.   With valid documentation to prove erroneous data, SIR will expedite correction requests to each repository and send notice that corrections have been reflected.

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Credit Radar. This service provides a new cover page to your mortgage credit report that at a glance will make it easier to use than ever before. You’ll be able to instantly size-up your loan applicants and spot any critical issues-all without digging through the actual credit report.