• Strategic Information Resouces, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Credit Reporting Agency in Holyoke, MA
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SIR has a rich history that began with credit reporting back in 1926.  We started then as a regional provider of credit information which helped financial institutions evaluate whether or not prospective loan applicants had an ability to pay.   Over the years, we have expanded to become a recognized national provider of credit reporting services, and today we offer much more.

Credit reports continue to be a mainstay of our service offering to lenders.   Through our relationship and tight integration with the 3 major bureaus, our clients can leverage easy-to-read credit report formats from any of the 3 credit bureaus. In addition, we offer a choice of scoring models and fraud-prevention add-ons.

Choose from a single bureau report of your choice, or take advantage of our 2 or 3 bureau merged credit reports. SIR also offer convenient tools to help you monitor applicants between application and closing, and can even help nearly qualified applicants improve their credit rating so that they meet underwriting guidelines..

Merged Credit Reports

Our Merged Credit Report conveniently blends the trade-line information from all three credit repositories; Experian, Trans Union and Equifax.  SIR’s 2 or 3 Bureau merged reports feature several format choices to display output, such as Derogatory information first, or sorting by highest to lowest balance. Our report data also integrates with Fannie Mae, DU output and Freddie Mac LP output for a perfect fit for any operation.

Included as part of our comprehensive Tri Merged Credit Reports you will find:

  • Score Disclosure Reports for borrowers (separate score disclosures for joint applications)
  • Credit Score Disclosure Exception Notice (along with Notice to Home Loan Applicant for real estate applications)
  • Complete Consumer Copy  (optional)
  • OFAC Search
  • Fraud Shield
  • Profile Summary
  • Creditor Listing with Contact Details on all Creditors listed on report
  • Derogatory Letter (optional)
  • XpertPulse data on first page (optional)

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