Cyber Hygiene: 3 Tips to Keep You Safe

October marks the 15th year of the recognition of Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Organized by the Department of Homeland Security, the goal of the observance is to Strengthen the Nation’s cybersecurity ecosystem through relevant dialogue and Cyber Hygiene awareness efforts. For Strategic Information Resources, Cybersecurity Awareness Month takes on a special meaning, especially in the wake […]

2018 New England Mortgage Expo Recap

SIR at the 2018 New England Mortgage Expo On an unseasonably warm Friday at the beginning of January, the Strategic Information Resources team headed into the Convention Center at Mohegan Sun for the 2018 New England Mortgage Expo. The day opened with A Conversation With MBA Chairman David Motley, where David and moderators shared their […]

SIR Announces Consumer Credit Education Series with NCRA

Strategic Information Resources is Proud to Announce the “Man on the Street” Consumer Credit Education Series with the National Consumer Reporting Agency Strategic Information Resources (SIR) is proud to announce that through our valued partnership with the National Consumer Reporting Association (NCRA), a new video series has been released to help educate consumers on credit […]

Credit Reports for Mortgage Including Experian Trended Credit Data

SIR Credit Reports for Mortgage Purposes to Include Experian Trended Credit Data Effective December 11, 2017 Effective on Monday, December 11, all SIR credit reports delivered for first mortgage application purposes will include trended credit information from all three national credit repositories. The release of Experian’s trended information will be well in time for the […]

Credit Reporting Changes Lending Impact 2017

2017 Credit Reporting Changes and How These Changes May Be Impacting Your Lending Decisions This year will be a year remembered for many reasons, but within the credit reporting industry, 2017 will be a year remembered for significant changes in the reporting of certain types of information to credit reports. The National Consumer Assistance Plan […]

ID Investigation Reports, Application Validation and Combating Fraud Threats

Looking for Help to Confirm Borrower Identity, Detect Application Inconsistencies or Combat the Threat of Fraud? Approximately 60% of mortgage fraud includes discrepancies in borrower identity. It has also been reported that up to 40% of credit reports can contain an ID alert. The SIR ID Investigation Report allows you to validate borrower identification, identify/address […]

Fannie Mae Desktop Underwriter Assists in Credit Freeze

Fannie Mae Announces Changes in Desktop Underwriter to Assist with Credit Freezes Many consumers have elected to place a credit freeze on their credit reports. As we at SIR and others have reported, consumers have the option to freeze their credit files from each of the three national credit repositories. This has been widely recommended […]

Low Home Inventory Cause and Solutions

What to do with Low Home Inventory? We are currently in a 20-year low in home inventory, and there is a lot of debate as to why. Blame is being passed between generations, investors, and the sellers’ market. Before we dive into what we can do to help you increase residential lending flow, let’s discuss […]