Credit Reports for Mortgage Including Experian Trended Credit Data

SIR Credit Reports for Mortgage Purposes to Include Experian Trended Credit Data Effective December 11, 2017 Effective on Monday, December 11, all SIR credit reports delivered for first mortgage application purposes will include trended credit information from all three national credit repositories. The release of Experian’s trended information will be well in time for the […]

ID Investigation Reports, Application Validation and Combating Fraud Threats

Looking for Help to Confirm Borrower Identity, Detect Application Inconsistencies or Combat the Threat of Fraud? Approximately 60% of mortgage fraud includes discrepancies in borrower identity. It has also been reported that up to 40% of credit reports can contain an ID alert. The SIR ID Investigation Report allows you to validate borrower identification, identify/address […]

Low Home Inventory Cause and Solutions

What to do with Low Home Inventory? We are currently in a 20-year low in home inventory, and there is a lot of debate as to why. Blame is being passed between generations, investors, and the sellers’ market. Before we dive into what we can do to help you increase residential lending flow, let’s discuss […]

SIR Tax Return Verification Reports Approved Fannie Mae Day One Certainty

Tax Return Verification Reports from Strategic Information Resources have been Approved by Fannie Mae for Day One Certainty (D1C) SIR is pleased to announce that our Tax Return Verification Reports are now being accepted by FNMA for rep and warrant relief offered through its Day One Certainty initiative. The Tax Return Verification report (4506-t transcript […]

Consumer Credit Public Record Changes September 2017

Additional Changes Slated for ConsumerCredit Reporting Additional changes are coming in regards to reporting to consumer credit reports. If you use consumer credit data in your business operation or furnish information to the bureaus, you will want to be prepared for the next round of significant impacts slated for September of 2017. History In 2016, the […]

Consumer Credit Education Video Series

Commitment to Consumer Credit Education Announcing the Release of a New Educational Video Series to Aid Consumer Financial Literacy SIR has been participating in credit education programs in our marketplace for decades. We are always happy to bring our credit expertise to a homebuyer workshop or industry event. It is our belief that educating the […]

Home Equity Production Summer 2017

Is your home equity pipeline not where it should be? Now that we have officially begun summer, most consumers are planning out their summer home improvement projects and updates. But what about those consumers who have equity and aren’t using it? Now is a good time to check out your portfolio, with a few key […]

Is the Competitive Pressure Causing Lending Fraud?

The Pressure to be Competitive: At What Cost? Leaders are stressing the importance of being competitive in residential lending and credit risk. This is setting the stage for lower underwriting quality and leaving lenders exposed for fraud. Data Misrepresentation Recent lending analytics have shown an increase in fraud type indicators that match the national index, […]